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Forthcoming from Flesk Publications, publisher of Al Williamson’s Flash Gordon: A Lifelong Vision of the Heroic:

Al Williamson Archives

Introduction by Angelo Torres
Over 100 illustrations
64 pages, 9 x 12”
ISBN: 978-1-933865-29-4


The beloved illustrator’s private work, revealed for the first time.

Revered by his fellow craftsmen, critics and fans alike, this living legend boasts a storied career spanning fifty years. He has produced a body of narrative fiction that continues to provide endless hours of entertainment and inspiration to this day.

Now, the Al Williamson Archives will grant unprecedented access to this master storyteller’s unseen work. Culled from the artist’s extensive private files, every themed volume of this ongoing series will feature unpublished sketches, preliminary artwork and pieces the artist created for his personal enjoyment. Williamson’s fondness for fantasy and SF is showcased in this first volume. It collects work created throughout his career: impeccably rendered dinosaurs, barbarians, spacemen and their craft–even a few sexy maidens. It also features a partially inked Xenozoic tale, previously unpublished newspaper strips and unused Western comics pages from the ’50s.

Every page will be printed in full color to best capture the subtleties of the source material and Williamson’s prodigious skill with pencil, pen, ink and brush. And the entire Al Williamson Archives library will be presented with the same exacting attention to detail and obvious obsession for faithful reproduction that readers can always expect from Flesk Publications.

Obviously, the promotional copy above was written before Al Williamson’s death last weekend. But, although he’s no longer living, Williamson will always be a legend in the field of comics.


Retro Randy: Al Williamson Archive, by Randy Dahlk — “a progression of cover designs for the new Al Williamson Archive [sic] book from Flesk Publications.”

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