Frank Frazetta

Money Changes Everything


Frazetta Painting Sells for $1 Million to Private Collector

Feud over Frazetta family fortune leads to criminal charges (with video)


Rest in Peace: Eleanor “Ellie” Frazetta

Pa. police: Artist’s son swipes $20M in paintings

BBC: US artist Frazetta’s son ‘in museum theft’

“Money Changes Everything”: The Lyrics

UPDATE (16 December 2009):

Frazetta Heist update: Notary drops bombshell

UPDATE (24 April 2010):

Vanguard Productions (22-23 April 2010): BIG FRAZETTA NEWS!!! — the official announcement that all of the litigation surrounding Frazetta’s family and his art have been resolved.

Pocono Record (23 April 2010): Frazetta family patches up differences; theft charges likely to be dropped

Pocono Record (24 April 2010): Frazettas make peace: Feud among family of renowned fantasy artist is settled, allowing one son to avoid criminal trial

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