Jeffrey "Jeff" Catherine Jones

Official Jeffrey Jones Web Site, Revived?

UPDATE (11 December 2011):

I just noticed that the “Official Jeffrey Jones Web Site” has again disappeared from the Web. Which means that the links in my original post (see below) no longer work. Sorry.

See Rest in Peace: Jeffrey Catherine Jones (1944 – 2011) for information and links related to the death of the artist on 19 May 2011.

ORIGINAL POST (09 December 2009):

Jeffrey Jones, Fantasy, Science Fiction, Illustrator, Artist — this new site with its own domain name ( has all the content from the old official Jeffrey Jones Web site (, slightly reorganized, with some new additions (see, for example, the expanded “autobiography” section) and a new design template.

The new site even includes a quotation from yours truly about Jones’s landscape paintings. Cool (although if the Webmaster of the Jones site is reading this, please delete the word “is” that appears immediately before the word “consists”; it’s a typo that I have today corrected in the original post).

Thanks to Greg for the heads up!

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