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Look Here, Read: “Fourteen Months!,” with art by Jeffrey Jones

From The Witching Hour #14 (April-May 1971), here’s “Fourteen Months!” with art by Jeffrey Jones and script by Gerry Conway:

The last panel on the last page wasn’t drawn by Jeffrey Jones, obviously.

2 thoughts on “Look Here, Read: “Fourteen Months!,” with art by Jeffrey Jones

  1. interesting this went up a few days ago….maybe I am wrong and this site is still active if so that is great!!

    again thanks for your efforts….I just happened to stumble upon here looking for Jeff Jones art through google…so this was a great find.

    I was actually one of the last probably lucky enough to go through Jeff’s own page right before images started vanishing as he lost the domain or interest to maintain the site….so I was able to see a lot of small scans of his work.

    this bigger scans are awesome though.

    are the original painting scans (the larger ones) from heritage auctions? That’s about the only place I’ve ever seen such high resolution scans of this type of work.

    again thanks….I will be back here for sure!


  2. Lucky me, I saved all the images from Jeffrey Jones’s old site before it crumbled, and have displayed some of the more unique ones — the process photos of the caveman painting, for instance — in previous posts. There were a number of images on Jones’s old site that were basically scans of the artist’s photo reference for various paintings, and while they’re certainly of great interest to admirers of Jones’s art, I haven’t decided yet whether or not to post them here.


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