Jeffrey "Jeff" Catherine Jones

Look Here: Caveman/Neanderthal Painting and Sculpture by Jeffrey Jones

Here’s a revealing process sequence from Jeff Jones’s old Web site — I think I have them in the right order, except for the closeup at the end, which seems to come at a stage before the final shot of the full painting — along with three views of an absolutely first-rate sculpture (dated 1973) by Jones that appears to have been the model for the caveman in the painting, which I believe was created sometime in the late 1990s or early 2000s:

I wish the images were larger, but as I’ve said before, beggars can’t be choosers…

Keywords: Two sculptures by Jeffrey Jones

2 thoughts on “Look Here: Caveman/Neanderthal Painting and Sculpture by Jeffrey Jones

  1. I took the second photo; it’s ONE sculpture shown at two angles… A little Photoshop trickery. And yes — there was only ONE casting and both photos are the same series of 100… I can send you a much larger photo if you’re indeed interested.


  2. Thanks for stopping by, Patrick. A larger photo or photos of the caveman casting really would be much appreciated, as it would help visitors here to gain a better appreciation of Jeffrey’s skill as a sculptor. Send what you’ve got to

    [message received, along with many lovely photographs, which I have posted HERE; email address removed to avoid spam]

    I’ll be happy to credit you has photographer (as I’ve now done in the message to which you’ve replied).



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