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Anatomical Reference Sheets

Nick Zuccarello put together a set of six anatomical reference sheets for a class he was teaching, and he has kindly made those plates available on his blog for others to download. The drawn diagrams are from one of Zuccarello’s “favorite anatomy books,” Strength Training Anatomy by Frederic Delavier, and the photos are from the 3dsk site. The sheets, which cover the basics in extremely condensed form, focus on the torso, legs, and arms, and at the very least, will give you a preview of what the diagrams in the Strength Training Anatomy book are like.

UPDATE (25 November 2010):

Here are seven anatomical charts from the first edition of the book, Human Anatomy for Artist Students, by Sir Alfred Fripp and Ralph Thompson, with drawings by Innes Fripp; sorry they are such low resolution images, but if only one impoverished artist out there finds them useful, it will have all been worth it:


Funny thing is, Human Anatomy for Artist Students is NOT currently out of print. Of course the book has long been in the public domain, so anyone could potentially publish a new edition. The only company that has done so, however, is Dover Publications (see ISBN-10: 0486447715, ISBN-13: 978-0486447711). Ah, Dover! I do love you so!

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