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Look Here: “I’m Age” by Jeffrey Jones – Part Two

The single-page comic strip, “I’m Age,” by Jeffrey Jones, appeared in every issue of the monthly comics magazine Heavy Metal from September 1981 (vol. 5, no. 6) to July 1984 (vol. 8, no. 4). I’ve already posted the first seven strips, which appeared from September 1981 (vol. 5, no. 6) to March 1982 (vol. 5, no. 12). So now, here are the next six strips, which appeared from April 1982 (vol. 6, no. 1) to September 1982 (vol. 6, no. 6):

More later. At the current rate, it’ll take about four more posts to get through the entire run. Hope somebody out there is enjoying the strip. Be nice to see some feedback.

Part One
Part Two (You are here!)
Part Three
Part Four
Part Five

4 thoughts on “Look Here: “I’m Age” by Jeffrey Jones – Part Two

  1. Thanks for posting these. I never knew they existed.

    I have a copy of the dragons dream collection of Idyl (with the weak binding) and a battered copy of The Studio. These had been my only reference to the work of Jones, and I have been back to them many times. Very sensual and poetic, with some incredible black and white compositions. I’m Age looks a bit looser in style, and more casual than Idyl. Love the free line and the minimal use of halftones, with just a bit of well placed scribble to show the shadows. Very Inspiring..

    Cheers 🙂


  2. I appreciate the feedback, tzen. I keep thinking that if only enough people actually get to SEE and READ Jones’s work in comics, there will be a groundswell of support for an omnibus collection of IDYL, I’M AGE, JONES TOUCH, etc. A foolish dream, perhaps, but nobody would have predicted the publication of three massive volumes devoted to the work of Alex Toth either, and IDW is already two volumes deep into that quixotic project, so anything is possible, right?


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