Look Here: “Descent” (1977) by Jeffrey Jones

Here’s an image that I gingerly scanned from my personal copy of the legendary Dragon’s Dream book, The Studio, and posted on my tumblr, TRANSISTORADIO, on 27 April 2015:


Not sure if this has been remarked previously, perhaps it has, but it seems clear enough to me that the masked, pregnant woman in Jeffrey Jones’s Descent (1977) was inspired by the old woman in Gustav Klimt’s The Three Age of Woman (1915):

Jones, of course, painted his own version of the “three ages of woman” (which — I know, I know — has already been identified by numerous Jones fans as an “homage” to Klimt):

Look Here: Two more covers with art by Jeffrey Jones

One of the following covers with art by Jeffrey Jones is pretty badly scuffed. Can you guess which one it is?


If I ever come across a better copy of The New Adam, I’ll probably buy it. I only purchased the battered copy that you see above at a local church sale because I couldn’t, at that moment, remember having seen one before, ever.

As for my copy of The Hand of Kane, I have to say, it’s in much better condition than the scan makes it look.

And so it goes…

Keywords: Jeffrey Jones, The Hand of Kane by Robert E. Howard, The New Adam by Stanley G. Weinbaum.

Look Here, Read: “The Guardian Spiders,” with art by Jeffrey Jones

From The Charlton Bullseye vol. 1, no. 1 (1975), here’s “The Guardian Spiders,” with art by Jeffrey Jones and script by the great unknown:


According to the authors of Jeffrey Jones: The Definitive Reference, Jones drew “The Guardian Spiders” for King Comics in 1967. Unfortunately for the artist, however, King failed to publish the story before they closed shop for good in December of 1967 and sold various titles and inventory to Gold Key and Charlton. And thus it was that “The Guardian Spiders” languished unloved in the files at Charlton for seven years or so until the editors at The Charlton Bullseye arranged for its first publication in their zine.

Look Here: CONJURE WIFE, with cover art by Jeffrey Jones

Took me a while to find a nice, cheap copy of Fritz Leiber’s Conjure Wife with “Woman fleeing from…” cover art by Jeffrey Jones, but in the summer of 2013 I got lucky… and now that I’ve finally gotten around to scanning it, I can show you what it looks like:


One last time, with feeling, it’s… BETTER THINGS!

The final phase of the Indiegogo fundraiser for the documentary Better Things: The Life and Choices of Jeffrey Catherine Jones — the distribution of the donation perks/rewards — is underway right now, and today, I am happy to report that I have received a package from producer/director Maria Cabardo that includes a DVD of the film, the Jones-tribute art book, six postcards, and two neatly folded copies of the film’s huge poster.

The art book, which bears the title, Jeffrey Catherine Jones and Better Things, is graced with a wistful cover designed by John Pinsky. Here’s a scan:


Jeffrey Catherine Jones and Better Things also comes with a paper band designed by Christina Graf. Here’s scan of the book with the band in place:

And here’s a rough-and-ready scan of the six postcards, arranged in two rows of three on the surface of my flatbed scanner:

Please note that all of the images on the postcards are also reproduced in the art book, so if you like what you see here, you’ll like what you’ll find there.

Although I myself am happy to have the art book in my collection, I have no plans to review it for this or any other site. Just so you know.

Also, I do not plan to post a formal review of the documentary here at RCN. In case anyone is wondering.

I am pleased to note, however, that both my name and the name of this website are preserved for posterity in the acknowledgements on the inside back cover — which makes the book a doubly lovely souvenir for me.

Thanks, Maria!

It’s been fun. But now I’m done.

Over and out.